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Endorsed by Hawksmoor (cont.)
But that isn't to say it need be elitist. It's true, much of it happens in gilded, red plush theatres in metropolises, with top international artists, and many memorable and historic performances take place in that context. But one of the most exciting operatic experiences I recall, for example, was of a touring company's first piano run through in jeans and tee shirts in a church hall in London. Even something in a more popular medium, like Les Miserables, delivers a genuine operatic charge. Also, the major opera companies work hard to provide access to the less-advantaged. So opera can be – and should be – for all.

All over the world, performances of this rich, rewarding art form are also happening in regional and local venues: sometimes with young professional singers, sometimes with amateurs; sometimes fully staged with orchestra or (more often than not) pared down to minimal sets and piano. Devon Opera provides valuable opportunities in a region where professional-standard opera is thin on the ground. It provides opportunity for Devon people to experience the extraordinary excitement of opera, while also providing a valuable platform for the potential star singers of tomorrow.

Not to stretch the analogy too far, investment management is also generally perceived as an elitist service. But Hawksmoor believes that good investment solutions shouldn't be just the preserve of the wealthy. Many of our competitors say you've got to have so many hundreds of thousands of pounds before they will consider you. Hawksmoor's range of funds and bespoke portfolio management services, however, means that someone with £5,000 is just as welcome to access our successful investment processes as much as someone with £5m.

Good opera performance and good investment performance demand dedication, focus and professionalism. In their respective fields, that's exactly what both Devon Opera and Hawksmoor aim to do.

John Crowley
Chief Executive
Senior Investment Manager
Hawksmoor Investment Management Limited
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